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Moss Roofing Houston is a well-established Roofing Company that has provided high-quality Roofing Services to homeowners and businesses throughout the greater Houston area since 2015.  As Roofing Experts, we offer a Free Roof Consultation to each homeowner or business that contacts us.  A Free Roof Inspection is performed to determine if there is any roof damage.  If needed, roofing services such as our Roof Replacement or Roofing Repair can be quoted based on our findings.  We can also assist with Roofing Maintenance for business or Residential Roofing clients.

Considered one of the Best Roofing Companies in Houston by our clients, our commitment to achieving perfection is a combination of selecting high-quality products and Roofing Materials, an efficient installation by expert Roofing Crews, a great Roofing Warranty, fantastic customer service, and an immaculate job site cleanup.

For any roofing questions or if additional information is needed, our Roof Replacement FAQs and our Roof Replacement Pictures, which show many of our roofing projects, may help answer questions and show our expert roofing work.  Our Roofing Reviews and Testimonials may also help answer any additional questions.  Our Roof Replacement and Repair Blog can be accessed as an additional tool to discover additional information about our roofing practices and what to look for when replacing or repairing a roof.  Moss Roofing serves Houston and all surrounding cities.

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Customer Testimonials

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“After a hail storm damaged our roof in May 2019, we decided to start the process of having it inspected by our insurance and replaced. We got lucky when Wiley and his crew just happened to be working in our neighborhood. Within a couple days Wiley inspected our roof and we hired him to replace our roof.”
Mike Erickson, Clear Lake
“Wiley and his crew were a pleasure to work with and treated my house as if it were their own with great care! It was a great experience start to finish!”
Clark Thannisch, The Heights