Our Qualifications

Our customers often comment that they feel Moss Roofing Houston is one of the Best Roofing Companies in Houston.  While we believe we are, we let our experience, attention to detail, and customer service speak for itself.  Being considered the Best Roofing Company in Houston is one thing, but keeping thousands of customers happy, in the loop, and roofs constructed to last for decades is quite another.  However, we can definitely say that we offer a great roofing product at a great price and feature quality roofing materials and craftsmanship.  We’ll let others decide if we are the best while we work hard to keep our customers happy enough that they feel very comfortable referring others to us for their roofing needs.

Committed To Building The Right Roof Right Now!

  • Over 50 years of combined experience in construction, roofing and insurance claims
  • We specialize in complex insurance claims/helping homeowners who have been previously denied by their insurance
  • Insurance Claim Specialists on the team that understand how to get a claim approved

You are in good hands with our qualified and professional team!

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Moss Roofing Houston is a well-known and respected Roofing Company that has provided high-quality Roofing Services to both homeowners and businesses throughout the greater Houston area since 2015.  As Roofing Experts, we offer a Free Roof Consultation to each homeowner or business that contacts us.  Our Free Roof Inspection is performed by one of our highly qualified Roofers to determine if there is any roof damage.  If needed, roofing services such as our Roof Replacement or Roofing Repair can be quoted based on our findings.  We can also assist with Roofing Maintenance for business or Residential Roofing clients.  At Moss Roofing Houston, your complete satisfaction is our goal and we will do everything to make your roofing experience the best it can be.  Please call us TODAY at (832) 840-8027 to schedule your Free Roof Consultation.