Areas Served

At Moss Roofing Houston, we enjoy spreading our wings.  In that spirit, we are now able to service customers with their Roofing Needs throughout the entire city of Houston and all surrounding communities, including those listed below and many more. If you reside in one of the cities below or one that is near Houston but isn’t yet listed, we would be honored to assist you with any Roof Damage or Roofing Project you are considering.  We are here to help and we pride ourselves on providing the best roofing at great prices with the best customer service, cleanup, and follow-through.

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Moss Roofing Houston is a well-known and respected Roofing Company that has provided high-quality Roofing Services to both homeowners and businesses throughout the greater Houston area since 2015.  As Roofing Experts, we offer a Free Roof Consultation to each homeowner or business that contacts us.  Our Free Roof Inspection is performed by one of our highly qualified Roofers to determine if there is any roof damage.  If needed, roofing services such as our Roof Replacement or Roofing Repair can be quoted based on our findings.  We can also assist with Roofing Maintenance for business or Residential Roofing clients.  At Moss Roofing Houston, your complete satisfaction is our goal and we will do everything to make your roofing experience the best it can be.  Please call us TODAY at (832) 840-8027 to schedule your Free Roof Consultation.